ACO Services

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Thinking about joining an ACO? Want to form your own but don't know where to start? It's our business to bring physicians together, giving them the scale, leverage, and resources needed to stay competitive, participate in value-based care opportunities, and utilize patient-focused programs designed to boost revenue and improve community health. 

In less than three years, TMA PracticeEdge has formed thirteen ACOs in Texas, strengthening the independent practice of more than 550 physicians serving 200,000+ patients across 45 counties.

ACO services are offered through our strategic partner, Innovista Health Solutions, an industry leader currently managing physician-led ACOs. The organization’s physician-centric ACO toolkit includes a total population management solution to assess, develop, manage, measure, and reward our high-performing physician networks.




ACOs by TMA PracticeEdge currently serving Texas:

The ACO formation process

We'll walk with you each step of the way, guiding and consulting as you and your colleagues develop your ACO's structure, make decisions, implement technology, and actively manage ACO activities.


It’s our business to connect physician clients with innovative, high-quality providers and suppliers who are willing to work in a value-based system. With your input, TMA PracticeEdge will assess the local health care market and payer mix. Assessment is an ongoing process. As the group begins to collect data from payers and others, we begin analysis of health care costs and work with physicians to fine tune the network.


TMA PracticeEdge assists in developing your network from legal formation documents to governance templates and network recruiting. As part of the implementation process, our team works with physician leaders to develop a budget and to build the ACO infrastructure. Physicians tell us what they need to make their ACO successful, and we bring industry best practices and the manpower to achieve their goals.


The medical and network management teams are the heartbeat of the ACO, promoting continuity and knowledge sharing across practices. On the patient side, care coordinators engage with high-risk patients and those with chronic conditions at each stage of the health care process, from preventive care and pharmaceutical compliance, to coordination of care after inpatient discharge.


Armed with credible data, shared best practices, and open-minded physicians, the ACO can make a difference in how care is delivered in your community. The network and medical management teams will extract, normalize, analyze, and provide actionable recommendations on clinical, operational, and financial metrics so that you and your physician leadership team can make informed decisions about management of your patient population.


All value-based contracts include requirements and benchmarks for patient attribution, cost savings, and quality. Simply put, if the network doesn’t meet these benchmarks, it doesn’t benefit from shared savings. We weigh scorecards and other factors that document performance against benchmarks. You, the physicians, decide how to award distributions, and we’ll implement your plan.