If you think joining the value-based care movement could be a good fit for your primary care practice, we’ll walk you through a proven five-step process, guiding and consulting as you and your colleagues develop your ACO's structure, make critical business decisions, implement technology, and actively manage ACO activities.  


It’s our business to connect physician clients with innovative, high-quality providers and suppliers who are willing to work in a value-based system. With your input, TMA PracticeEdge will assess the local health care market and payer mix. Assessment is an ongoing process. As an ACO begins to collect data from payers and other sources, we’ll analyze health care costs and work with physicians to fine tune their network.


TMA PracticeEdge will help get your ACO off the ground, from legal formation documents to governance templates and network recruiting. Our team works with physician leaders to develop a budget and to build the ACO infrastructure. Physicians tell us what they need to make their ACO successful, and we bring industry best practices and the manpower to achieve their goals.


Medical and network management is the heartbeat of every ACO. We’ll help implement best practices to ensure continuity and knowledge sharing across practices, guide care coordination for high-risk patients, and help you navigate each state of the health care process from preventive care to pharmaceutical compliance.


When armed with sound data, an ACO can make a real difference in how care is delivered in your community. Your network and medical management team will extract, normalize, and analyze data, then translate it to actionable recommendations so you and your physician partners can make informed decisions about your patient population.


All value-based contracts center around benchmarks for patient attribution, cost savings, and health care quality. Simply put, if the network doesn’t meet its benchmarks, it doesn’t benefit from shared savings. We’ll help you reach those goals — then you, the physicians, decide how to award distributions.