TMA PracticeEdge Launches

After two-and-one-half years of planning and negotiation, the Texas Medical Association in February launched TMA PracticeEdge, LLC, a new services company developed by TMA to bring physicians the technologies and expertise that are essential to providing—and proving—quality care.

TMA PracticeEdge will give TMA member physicians options and alternatives to today’s fee-for-service system, if they want them. PracticeEdge services will give all participating physicians the tools to make their practices more efficient and to provide more cost-effective care.

“We need to rewrite the future of health care, because where it’s heading right now isn’t looking very good for physicians or patients,” said TMA President Austin I. King, MD. “Change is coming. That’s a given. We either become part of innovating that change or we’re at the mercy of the change.”

Even if a practice chooses not to participate in “accountable care,” TMA PracticeEdge can help it become stronger operationally and financially, compliant in all regulatory demands, and prepare it for changes such as ICD-10.

“TMA PracticeEdge is not an accountable care organization (ACO),” said TMA CEO and Executive Vice President Louis J. Goodman, PhD. “Rather, it is a services company that will support physician practices and networks, including physician-led ACOs.

“While most ACOs are constrained by a specific hospital system, TMA PracticeEdge will help connect like-minded physicians centered on the needs of their specific patients. TMA PracticeEdge will offer participating physicians the means to provide coordinated, collaborative care, including prevention and management of chronic disease.”

TMA PracticeEdge will offer:

Accountable care services:

TMA PracticeEdge offers the technology platforms, care coordination teams, physician-led network development and management, and contracting expertise necessary to participate in accountable care activities, and to meet market demands to document quality, cost-effective health care.

Practice transformation services:

Physicians can strengthen their practices operationally and financially by optimizing them using TMA PracticeEdge services, including education and consulting from certified professional coders, medical auditors, and compliance officers.