Why Was TMA PracticeEdge Created?

Increasingly, patients, employers, and payers are calling for more clinical accountability and proof of value for their health care dollars as the industry struggles to control increasing health care costs. Meanwhile, hospitals and other large organizations seek to employ physicians or expand referral networks as they strategize to consolidate market share and capture payment streams for physician and ancillary services. Physicians are feeling the squeeze of increased regulatory requirements and the human and financial resources required for compliance.  

In response, the Texas Medical Association created TMA PracticeEdge with a vision: to save the independent practice of medicine in Texas by helping practices – even those with miles between them – band together to form physician-led accountable care organizations (ACOs).

That vision is now generating real results. In less than three years, TMA PracticeEdge has formed fifteen ACOs in Texas, strengthening the independent practice of more than 570 physicians serving 200,000+ patients across 45 counties – and this is just the beginning.

By linking independent practices to successful, physician-driven ACOs across the state, TMA PracticeEdge exemplifies how practices can buck the big merger trend to thrive in the changing health care landscape.

TMA PracticeEdge is led by physicians, was created by physicians, and is dedicated to physicians. 


"With TMA PracticeEdge, physicians have an opportunity to shape the future of medicine by challenging traditional models of care and establishing new ones that allow us to remain independent and still compete in the changing market."

- Don R. Read, MD - Past President, Texas Medical Association