Referral Management

Believe it or not, in 2016 the fax machine is still the leading “technology” supporting mechanism for primary care-to-specialist care referrals — and typically 55% of fax based referrals do not convert into appointments. 

Eliminate referral leakage by implementing an automated management solution to both facilitate referrals and engage patients.  Join the nearly 10,000 Texas physicians and clinics who have implemented the LeadingReach referral management system.

What is a Referral Management System?

Referral management through TMA PracticeEdge and strategic partner LeadingReach is the most efficient way to ensure that patients get the cross-specialty care they need. LeadingReach has created the ultimate cross-EMR communication system. It automatically engages patients—improving appointment conversions by 40%—while also actively connecting to the offices that refer to you, continually building your visibility and reputation. Referral management can help you:

• Send real time referral notification emails
• Ensure PCP knows immediately if patient misses specialist appointment
• Automate patient appointment reminders
• Manage all referrals in a single dashboard
• Create a better patient experience
• Strengthen referral relationships
• Save staff time

LeadingReach: By the Numbers

Referral management technology can make a quantifiable impact on your practice and your patients. Implementing it is proven to result in higher referral conversions, greater patient compliance, fewer no shows, and less wasted staff time.

Included Services

The LeadingReach platform gives you a four-core metric implementation approach to fully manage incoming and outgoing referrals. The automated system guides your patients through each stage of their care, from the initial referral at the clinical level, through the pre-appointment process, diagnosis and evaluation of treatment options. It even lets you stay in touch with patients after their care is complete.