With health care regulations constantly shifting, insurance bureaucracy growing, and physician-owned medical practices sharply declining, we recognized that something needed to change.

Our Mission

Founded by the Texas Medical Association in 2015, TMA PracticeEdge exists to level the playing field for independent physicians in Texas.

TMA PracticeEdge creates and supports physician-owned accountable care organizations. These coalitions allow physicians to pursue government and commercial insurance contracts together, share costs and data, and collaborate to improve health care quality — without sacrificing their independence to big business and big hospital systems.

Our comprehensive, proven method gives your practice the edge you need to compete in a rapidly changing market. With TMA PracticeEdge, you can finally be recognized and rewarded for doing what you do best: caring for your patients.

When it comes to value-based care, change is happening with or without us. TMA PracticeEdge helps turn us from competitors to collaborators. If we work together, we’re going to win together.
— Dr. Luis Benavides (Laredo, Texas)

What We've Achieved

  • Alliance Accountable Care Organization saved $6.6 million in Medicare tax dollars while caring for 116,000 Central Texas patients in its second year of operation.

  • In the most recent performance year, TMA PracticeEdge ACOs earned performance bonuses in every contract offering them.

  • We’ve helped our physicians obtain contracts with all major payers in Texas.